Auto air conditioning systems require regular servicing because air conditioning systems gradually leak a small percentage of refrigerant gas every year. This slowly makes the auto air conditioning system less effective until the low-pressure switch shuts your A/C down. For all your repairs and servicing requirement feel free to contact us for advice and costing.


Accurate fast diagnosis is all about information, training, and experience with up-to-date equipment. We strive to focus on all these areas.

Tune Up and Servicing

Your vehicle demands clean fuel, air, oil as well and correct adjustments to perform well and reach the best emissions and economic levels. Regular servicing is required. Ring for advice on your servicing requirements.

Heavy Vehicle Scan-Tool

We have vast experience in commercial and forestry vehicles, trucks, diggers, haulers etc and the scan and diagnosis equipment in support.

Light Vehicle Scan-Tool

Diagnosis of all those areas related to those dash warning lights – SRS, ABS, engine and transmission warning lights etc. We scan and report and advise on repair options, call us we can help.


From dash cam and GPS devices for drivers who love to get out and explore. To keeping track of your Assets or RUC compliance made easy, we can Supply and install a system for you and your company’s needs.

Vehicle Security

Professional installation is just as important as the products themselves. Complete installation and service is available through us as your Mongoose agent.


Everything stereo and car accessory related. Affordable choices when it comes to the purchasing and installation of vehicle stereo systems call us for advice.

Camera's & Monitors

Reversing cameras and rear-view camera kits for cars, trucks, horse floats – ring us for advice on options and installation costs.


We have a wide range of new, used and aftermarket light options for all vehicles.


We specialise in small solar systems for Campers, boats and small home systems – ring us for pricing and options.

Starters and Alternators

Starting and charging diagnosis, starter and alternator servicing and repairs, replacement new, aftermarket and second-hand starter and alternators.

Retail Parts

Comprehensive range of electrical accessories covering everything from complete lighting assemblies, cable switches, gauges, electrical consumables, fuses, globes.


We have a broad experience in fault diagnosis and repairs of vehicle wiring circuits, ring us for advice.

Fuel injection diagnosis and repairs

We specialise in diagnosis of petrol and diesel injection. Common rail diesel or direct diesel injection has become the modern progression to obtain accurate, economic and efficient fuelling.

Central locking & windows

We can diagnose and repair all central locking issues, such as issues with transmitter unit (key), door motors, wiring and the receiver/control unit. Electric Window system diagnosis and repairs to window switching and window motor/regulator.

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